Chushinkan Dojo

Meditation is open to everyone. It does not conflict with religious faiths.

Why sit?

The mind, like the body, benefits from regular training. A weekly Zazen (Za - sitting, Zen - meditation) class is available, based on Rinzai Zen, the style historically practiced by the samurai of Japan.

While Zen's ultimate goal of sitting meditation is satori (enlightenment), for the students of martial arts, the aim is the practical achievement of mushin (literally, no mind). Mushin refers to the state of mind that is alert and unclouded by the barrage of thoughts that confront us from one moment to the next.

Meditation is the practice that teaches us to see the world around us without the continuous train of words and thoughts that cloud our vision of reality. Mushin is that state of mind that resides in the continuous present moment.