Chushinkan Dojo

Aikido For Kids testing at Chushinkan Dojo is a program designed to take the students through a simple step-by-step methodology that prepares them for integration into the ranking system of the Aikido Association of America. Ranking starts at 9th Kyu with a light yellow stripe added to the belt. Rankings continue up through 1st Kyu designated with a black stripe. Testing is at the discretion of the instructor.

Adult Aikido testing at Chushinkan Dojo is based upon the requirements of the Aikido Association of America. Students pass seven kyu tests before taking their black belt test. As the student advances, training privileges are granted:

3rd kyu: admittance to Instructor Seminars
2nd kyu: brown belt
Shodan: black belt, hakama, member of the dojo test committee, admittance to the Hakamakai (Black Belt Association)  

Students preparing for a kyu test do a demonstration of the kyu level they wish to test for. The format for a demo is the same as an actual test. It will be graded by a test committee on the basis of pass or fail. If students can pass a demo, they will be allowed to test on the next available date. 

Aikido Examinations

Only students recommended by Nakayama Sensei may test for dan ranks (black belt). Dan exams are conducted only at AAA/AAI seminars or camps, and are graded by a Regional Test Committee.

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Aikido kyu test requirements
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