Chushinkan Dojo

Regular Aikido training brings benefits in the form of increased physical and mental well-being, plus improved self-confidence as we continue to challenge ourselves. Aikido training is physically active, but does not require great physical strength. For this reason, people of all ages can practice together.

Classes include stretching, centering, falling safely, empty hand throwing, joint-lock techniques, and training with the bokken (wooden sword) and jo (staff). The emphasis is on understanding correct body mechanics for application to techniques and daily life.

Ages 14 and up, teaching open hand techniques and weapons, from beginners to advanced

Experienced martial artists recognize that despite any amount of training and expertise, in any given confrontation, the outcome is never guaranteed. A true self-defense art understands that awareness and avoidance is the ultimate path.

​When a conflict cannot be avoided, an art that relies on strength and speed will reward the strongest and fastest. Aikido realizes that no one can depend on always having superior strength and speed. Instead, Aikido techniques focus on channeling aggression against itself.
The techniques we teach are those traditionally handed down from the Aikido Association of America and the Aikido Headquarters in Japan. Aikido does not include competition, sparring, or street-fighting.

About Aikido